New Lean Body Kit

Launching BP5

New Lean Body Kit

As the nights get lighter and summer is round the corner there has never been a better time to think about a new, fitter, leaner you! Therefore with effect from 11th April (BP5) we will be launching our “Lean Body Kit”, to help you reach your summer goals.

This Lean Body Kit offers an impressive 25% discount from purchasing the products individually and includes two pots of OsoLean® powder and one pot of NutriVerus® powder all designed to support a healthier, leaner you. The kit will have  a Point Volume of 110, and the cost is listed below.

This kit can be added to Automatic Orders, is available for inclusion in Premium Champion Packs as well as for one time orders. The kit is available until the end of BP8 (31st July 2015.)

For full details of the Osolean Plan please click here. What have you got to lose?