Real Income Within Reach

Make a Great Living Making a Big Difference

True financial freedom is well within your reach at Mannatech. That’s because we’re not bragging when we say we have one of the most generous compensation plans in the business. It was created to provide a path to unlimited earning potential while making a difference in the lives and wellness of others. With the projected growth of the wellness industry, now you have one of the biggest opportunities to truly become healthy, wealthy and wise.

Mannatech’s passionate network of people is at the heart of what we do best, which is cultivating lasting relationships through our health and wellness products and, ultimately, helping change lives.

Our dynamic business opportunity gives you the real possibilities of:

  • Funding your family wellness program§
  • Helping to deliver Real Food TechnologySM solutions to needy children around the world
  • Achieving true financial freedom
  • Becoming self-reliant and pursuing your dreams
  • Enjoying more time with your loved ones

The Wellness Industry Compensation Plan Support

Actual earnings depend on your individual efforts and skill, the customer base available to you and the time devoted to your busines §Mannatech Associates receive commissions based on sale of products.