XFM: Xtreme Food Makeover

What is an Xtreme Food Makeover?

There’s no doubt that food isn’t what it used to be.

In fact, the lack of nutrition in our food has become one of the greatest problems the world faces today. While it’s undeniable that nutrition works best when it comes from nature, we’ve grown accustomed to choosing processed foods and taking synthetic supplements. But it’s not working. These nutritional knockoffs simply can’t provide what our complex bodies want: nutrition from natural, real-food sources.

But there is an answer.

Over a million people have taken charge of their health by putting back into their food the nutrients that are missing in our modern diet. And now is your chance.

It’s time for an Xtreme Food Makeover with Mannatech.

This page and its content are designed to help you share the Xtreme Food Makeover (XFM) message simply and effectively. And while it’s a message that can be shared in any setting, we’ve found that most people like to share it where they’re most comfortable: at home. So spend a few minutes getting familiar with the components of this page, and then schedule your first XFM event.


This Xtreme Food Makeover page includes everything you need to successfully host an Xtreme Food Makeover event at your home. You can find all the items available to download here at mannatecheurope.com.

Overview and Scripts: Your introduction to Xtreme Food Makeovers, and some helpful tips on how to approach your contacts.

Contact List: A simple form to help you quickly determine whom to contact and invite to your event. You can print some copies so you can also hand one out when someone is ready to schedule their own XFM event.

Recipes: Easy recipes featuring NutriVerus™ powder that anyone can prepare for an XFM event.

Event Checklist: A step-by-step guide for hosting your own XFM event.

Downloadable DVD: A collection of four short videos that serve as the centerpiece of your XFM event. Includes (1) The Shocking Truth About Food, (2) The Real Food Revolution, (3) Three Easy Ways to Get Started and (4) Earning Income with Mannatech.

Order Forms: Forms featuring the Automatic Orders and Associate registration packs associated with Xtreme Food Makeover events. Remember to have enough copies for all the people you have invited to your XFM event.

XFM Overview XFM Contact List XFM Recipes XFM Event Checklist XFM DVD Sleeve

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